Saturday, 12 May 2012

Nancy Ajram Launching Good Health Magazine

Date : May 10th 2012
Time: 6-9 PM 
Place : Salwa Al-Subah Hall.

Bloggers were invited By Sheikha Intesaar Al-Subah to the launch of Good Health Magazine The Arabic Edition in Kuwait . The star of the cover , Nancy Ajram came - she was so down to earth and adorable - signed the issue for everyone .

The magazine aims at improving the Arab community's health awareness. Every issue is packed with   topics on medical advances, psychology, relationships, kids, food, health, beauty, fashion and much more. Each corner of the Salwa Al-Subah Hall was contributed to a topic that concerns our health. At one corner there was fitness, at another Feng Shui, How to lose weight, energy and in another a healthy juice bar. In addition to that, all food served was healthy even the desserts!

Here are some picks we've chosen for you:

Nancy Signing the Magazine:

 The venue:

The juice bar

The food:

The activities:

Note that all of the trainers (even the juice makers) are professionals in their field.

I really had to try this one
She touches one arm and you carry an element with your other hand to see whether you're sensitive to it or not

Milk was not very good for me

nor the lettuce

A huge thank you to Sheikha Intisaar Al-Subah for her invitation to this very successful event, and for her time that she spent chatting with us. We are glad to have such beneficial magazine in the shelves of the Kuwaiti market because of the important message it carries within its bright pages.

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