Thursday, 10 May 2012

From Our Lives: Korean Wedding Ceremony

 I am so interested in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures. This week the Korean embassy launched the Korea Week events. Yesterday was an act (not real) of a Korean wedding ceremony. What was beautiful about the ceremony is that they have chosen my best friend Dana (an Arab) to be the bride and a Korean guy to be the groom. Here are some picks:

The place of the ceremony

The bride's traditional Korean dress

The head piece

The priest

After the wedding ceremony finishes the bride and groom bow to their parents

Korean kids parading their traditional costumes

Korean food was sold

Korean arts and crafts

Korean accessories

You can get your name written in Korean

The event of today (Thursday) is a singing one. Two groups singing in Korean and a singing contests in addition to the arts, crafts, games, calligraphy and food stalls that are available at each event. And to my best friend Dana, I wish you get married in real life soon ;)

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