Sunday, 13 May 2012

From Our Lives: Dusty Rain and Bad Cell Service

I really do not know how to describe my office, because it is lodged in a corner and there is no window nor I can hear what is going on outside. The cell phone reception is just way too bad I can barely get any reception, If I want to make a call then I have to try several times before I really get a line. I have complained about it before to the Telecom Company an they have always given me  the same lame answer " we are fixing our signal towers and it will get better soon ''. I work in the city how come I do not get any signal, even my colleagues have complained about it .

When I finished work today  I was in for a  surprise , it was pouring  dusty rain :( . I knew nothing about it because if anyone was texting me via Wahtsup  or even instagraming the storm I would not know about it, simply because of the bad cell service I have . All I can say Thank You Very Much .


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