Sunday, 13 May 2012

Food: Tasty Club

My colleagues and I at work the other day wanted to try something new so we decided to order from Tasty Club restaurant. The place is fairly new and is located at Alsagran building in the city behind Gulf Bank.Their menu  consists of 16 different Club Sandwiches and you can choose the kind of toast to go with your sandwich from 15 different kinds.
The Roast Beef was not that special , tasted like something I can make at home
The Chicken Fillet was good

Omelet and Cheese, my friend loved it because she said it tasted like something made at home

The place opens from 6 AM to 2PM only.

 The Sandwiches:
Labneh and Zaatar
Halloom, Zataar and Mint
Kuwaiti Cheese and Tomato
Three Cheeses
Falafil and Cheese
Omelet and Cheese
Smoked Turkey
Mortadella and Turkey

Chicken Mosahab
Chicken Fillet
Grilled Chicken
Chicken Mosakhan
Roast Beef with Cheese
Tasty Club

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