Thursday, 10 May 2012

Food: Sushi at Dragon Restaurant

I was waiting for this day to come! Finally we're going to Dragon Japanese restaurant. I love Japanese food and I've tried nearly all Japanese restaurants in Kuwait (except for Meli Melo & Satchi). I wasn't very hungry so I only ordered Negimiyaki and Ebi Fry Maki. The food tasted great and the sushi was fresh.The place looks great as if you're in a dragon cave (designed by Ahmad AlBaghli if not mistaken). After this visit Dragon restaurant became one of my favourite Japanese restaurant along with Genki Sushi.

First they served green tea

Wasabi covered nuts

The art on the walls

Ura Maki & Nigiri

Island Surfer

Ebi Fry Maki (best sushi I've ever had)

My favourite appetizer


  1. wher is this place , looks very appetizing .

    1. it is near Royal Hayat Hospital in Jabriya facing 4th ring road.