Friday, 18 May 2012

Food: Naz Persian Restaurant

Persian cuisine is one of my favourite cuisines besides Indian and Mexican. So I decided to order from Naz (through as I was craving 'Kabab Barg'. So I ordered one Kabab Sultani (which includes one Kabab Barg and one Kabab Kobeidah) and one Ash Rishtah (soup). The total was 6.250KD including delivery which I think is a little bit expensive. When the order came I was surprised that the rice that came with the plate was zerishk only although in the photo it was three small portions of each type of Persian rice.  In addition to that, a small salad and 3 pieces of bread were included although it was not mentioned in the menu. I have a suggestion: Instead of adding 3 pieces of bread (because there is already rice), a salad, and a huge amount of rice, you could put suitable portions and lower the price because at the end extra food will end up in the garbage.

Ash Rishtah

Taste wise, Shabestan restaurant at Crowne Plaza (only) will always be favourite Persian restaurant as they perfect the food as if you are eating it at its place of origin.

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