Thursday, 17 May 2012

Food: Marble Slab At AlFanar

Long time ago I remember that once I was watching The Oprah Show with my mum and it was about some of the most successful businesses and one of them was The Cold Stone Creamery (others were Christian Louboutin & Ikea). And I loved the idea of making my own ice-cream and having lots of toppings. Shortly afterwards I heard about the opening of Marble Slab Creamery which has a similar theme to that of Cold Stone Creamery and I when I tried it I fell in love with it. When Cold Stone Creamery opened at The Avenues I was one of the first to try it but to my suprised I loved the taste of Marble Slab's ice-cream more! Here's my final creation: Swiss chocolate ice-cream with brownies and Ferrero Roche! Tastes like heaven!

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