Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Food: China Garden Dumplings

I've been craving Chinese dumplings for over a month now and I've decided to check 6alabat.com for a Chinese restaurant that would deliver just the dumplings (I didn't want to order other dishes cuz I'm on a diet) and I found Chinese Garden with minimum charge 2.500KD. I ordered steamed prawn dumplings and fried chicken dumplings. The fried ones tasted a lot better than the steamed ones. The dough was more tender although often the steamed ones tend to be very soft but it wasn't as expected. They have a large menu (soup, salads, appetizers, grilled dishes, signature dishes, rice, noodles, chopsuey, egg foo young, pansit and desserts) so I might one day try their main courses.

The bag when it arrived
What's inside the bag (chopsticks, 3 free sauces, 2 dumplings boxes & the menu)
The fried chicken dumplings
The steamed prawn dumplings

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