Saturday, 12 May 2012

Food: Breakfast at Sunny Side Up

Today I went with my sisters to Sunny Side Up restaurant. I've tried it once before and I've loved it! Last time I've ordered the Miami Omlette so this time I've decided to try the sandwiches. I've ordered The Club sandwich and my sisters ordered omlettes. The place is small and cozy but the music was a little bit loud and I wish they played something on their mini screens at least play the menu! If I'm not mistaken the place got bigger than the first time I went there.

The menu available on paper and iPad

Chargers for iPhone and Blackberry


The kitchen


The Club Sandwich

Veggie Omlette

Sunny Side Up Omlette

Waffles with chocolate syrup and Nuttella

A mosquito that kept following me (I think cuz my blood is so sweet!)

The bill

Cute cactus at the door

Outdoor seating

Bikes for delivery

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