Wednesday, 11 April 2012

From Our Lives

Today at work we decided to take a little break , because we were about to loose our minds from the hectic busy schedule we have. I always heard of " soog ilfalaban '' and have no clue what it is and its a few steps away, so a colleague and I went there . I was surprised of to see some the stuff they sold, I tried to take a picture of the place but my friend told me not to , I don't blame her because we got some strange stares from the people there. Inshallah some other time.

My friend got this shampoo along with the conditioner and she said it is one of the best shampoos out there . I rarely go to a super market , My mum is the who does it so I don't know if it is sold there. After reading the instructions I took one for Dexter my Cat, The look at her face was priceless heheh.Check the picture below to know why.

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