Wednesday, 25 April 2012

From Our Lives: The Bird Poo Yard

Welcome to my everyday disgusting, filthy, smelly, slippery and annoying encounter. The Pigeon yard where I have to cross everyday from the car parking lot to the office. I am an animal lover and I have nothing against these Pigeons, but it has gone way too far. The shops at the soog, next to the my office building, sell bags of food for these Pigeons and every other day I see people bringing their kids and feed the Pigeons. The result of all the feedings of course a filthy place covered with the Pigeon poo. 

I really , really , really miss my Heels , yes I love wearing heels but stopped wearing them to work :'( , because one time I slipped , I bet you know because of what, and broke one of the heels.


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