Friday, 30 January 2015

حمله شعب الانسانيه تبدأ اليوم

تبدأ اليوم الجمعة ٣٠ يناير حمله شعب الانسانيه من الساعة ٥ مساءً إلى ٥ مساءً من اليوم التالي (السبت ٣١ يناير). المدة المحددة لجمع التبرعات هي ٢٤ ساعة فقط المكان : جامعة الخليج - غرب مشرف - بجانب أرض المعارض.

New by Labello اصدار جديد من لابيلو

A new Labello lip balm edition is the Fruity Shine Watermelon and is available in all drug stores and super markets. 

اصدار جديد من لابيلو ملطف الشفاه الشهير بنكهه البطيخ الاحمر وهو متوفر الان في جميع الصيدليات والسوبرماركت .

Monday, 26 January 2015

Munich, Germany ( P3 )

Munich, Germany (P1)

After settling down and get a bit of rest after the long flight, we went straight to the hospital to see dad at the Schreiber Klinik were he had the surgery and spent sometime recovering before they sent him to a rehabilitation institute. 

The first thing we did after that is find a place to eat, because we were starving. My older brother, who went with dad, discovered the area and knew were the Halal places were and suggested a place called Sindbad. 

Sindbad opens daily from 9AM till 10PM for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. It offers Middle Eastern classics like Shawarma,  Flalafil, Grills, Rise dishes and more. 

If you happen to be in Munich, give it a try I bet you will like it as we did. It is located near the Karlsplatz. 

Here is the Address :
Sindbad Kebab & Grillhaus
Schwanthalerstraße 3-11, 80336 München, Germany

To be Continued. 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

NEW Spicy Nuggets by McDonald's سبايسي نغتس جديد مكدونلدز

I love spicy food and would add chili, hot sauce to anything, spicy food just makes me happy.

McDonald's just added a new addictive favorite to me which is the Spicy Nuggets. The breading that covers the nuggets is full of spices and chili flakes. They are delicious by them selves or you can just add some extra hotness to them by dipping them in the sweet chili dip , and I just can't have enough of them. 

If you are into spicy food, then you will definitely love them. They are available in a 4 pcs, 6pcs, 9pcs and 20pcs pack. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Munich, Germany (P2)

Continue  (P1) 

My dad and older brother went 3 weeks before  us (me and my other brother with his family), and had his surgery days before we arrived in Munich. My mom and sister sadly had to stay in Kuwait.

We chose the Lufthansa, and it was a 1:35AM flight to Frankfurt then take an air taxi to Munich. It was a long and tiring.

My dad found a great neighborhood with all new furnished apartments named Business Suiten surrounded by cafes, parks supermarkets and within a walking distance from the famous Olympia park, and also the BMW Museum. It was so new many of the locals did not know it existed including taxi drivers.


The Street is Called Adams-Lehmann, named after the first female general practitioner and gynecologist in Munich Hope Bridges Adams Lehmann . 

The apartments are fully furnished, with WIFI, a weekly cleaning service, in-house washing machine and dryer and more. The location is about 40 minutes (walking) from the city center. 

Couldn't ask for a better view from my apartment, to be continued.